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Costa Rica as a family vacation destination
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Costa Rican Family Vacation

Family Aventures and Vacations in Costa Rica

Beach vacation in Costa Rica Families are a lot like a mixed salad; a little green, a little red; a bit crispy, a bit soggy. They can have a crunch, be a tad salty, and surprise with the occasional fruit. And all those bits and pieces of veggies donít quite taste as good if eaten alone, but together, with the right bit of dressing a bunch of veggies are a melody of taste! The right vacation for a family is like the right dressing to a salad. It will bring out the best in everyone!

So, when was the last time you really spent a good chunk of time with your family simply enjoying each otherís company? Sometimes it seems that we say good morning with a text message and goodnight through Facebook. Yes, our lives are busy with work and school, and sports and meetings, and the day to day of a family. And although we may want to, we often canít seem to find the time to slow down and disconnect from our gadgets and schedules and reconnect to each other. This vacation will give you that chance. To get away from it all, to take back time and discover each other as a family.

Kayaking in Costa RicaOr, when was the last time you spent time with your mom and dad, aunts and uncles, or your grandparents? Are you up to speed with what your cousins do? Why Aunt Sally moved to England? Did you know that Grandma Beth picked up yoga at age 75? Or can you believe that cousin Charlie is one of National Geographicís emerging explorers? Our extended families are places full of fun and learning. They represent our collective ancestry, our collective lineage. They deserve to be known and nurtured and shared. Itís time to have that family reunion.

Whether youíre coming with your spouse and the children (kids) or adding grandma and grandpa, bringing your sister and her family, or planning a full family reunion Costa Rica is the perfect place to bond with your family and create lasting fun filled memories. We invite you to explore these special destinations and plan a memorable family vacation.



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